Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Make A Splash: How to Nail the Perfect Pool Party

Happy Tuesday Babes!

I don't know about where YOU are, but here in Nashville we're experiencing sunny 90 degree weather. Thanks to the heat and sun I was inspired to bring you this fun how-to post on throwing a super fun pool party! Whether you're hanging out at a public pool, your apartment complex, or this FAB rooftop pool at ParkCentral Nashville, you'll only need a few things to take it up to Instagram worthy level!

Since the majority of my world does center around fashion and style, first we have to mention attire! A pool party hostess can still look good by the water, plus I'm a big advocate for skin protection and although I do sunbathe for a bit, I always make sure to pack or wear super cute coverups when my skin needs a break. My go-tos? A Columbia PFG button down, wrap skirt, or fun graphic tee/tank! Also, don't forget to protect your face and eyes with a good pair of UV blocking sunnies or hat!

You can actually get my tank (and so many others) from Feathered Nest Boutique here: www.FeatheredNestBoutique.com

Next you're going to need your bevs. Stay cool and refreshed with your fave drink in a CAN (remember, no glass at the pool). The brand I can't get enough of right now is Bravazzi! It's a new hard Italian soda available in three flavors: Blood Orange, Limonata, and Grapefruit. I haven't decided which is my fave yet because they're all so good! These hard sodas are light, sweet and absolutely made for days in the sun, but better yet they're void of malt, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors, and ingredients. The packaging adds for the prettiest aesthetic too. Serve chilled or over ice and pair it with your favorite striped straws and you're good to go!

You can't find these just anywhere though, so make sure to visit their website to order or find out if your local store sells them! www.Bravazzi.com

Now, arguably the most important ingredient to the pool party in the age of social media is the novelty pool float. Trust me. I own two and have been discussing with my roommate which I should add to my collection this year. Any time I bring them out to our pool there's a constant stream of people wanting to borrow them an take pictures with them and so on and so forth. My personal fave are the BigMouth Inc. Floats. You can find these at Target or Nordstrom and my MAIN reason for choosing these guys is cost! These are large floats at no more than $30 a piece and they're really great quality. I've linked a few of their new ones for you to purchase below!

Another reason I love BigMouth Inc.? They also create some of the cutest pool accessories. Drink holders, beach towels, all kinds of adorable stuff! Check them out here: www.BigMouthInc.com

And to round it out, don't forget your tunes! I like to mix a little classic rock with 90's hip hop and today's hits. Can't go wrong! Now go out and throw the raddest pool party ever!

Think I missed something? Want to tell me about YOUR pool party hostessing skills? Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know in the comments below!

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