Friday, January 20, 2017

Slip Into Valentine's

We've been talking Valentine's Day looks and I wanted to include something a little sexier than I usually do. Style and fashion are all about stepping out of your comfort zone so as different as this is, I think it'll be fun. Today I'm giving you tips on how to wear lingerie in public.
Wait. What?

Yeah, you heard me right! There's a neat little trend that's been going around. Gals are wearing slips as dresses and honeslty, I love it. But there's a certain way you have to style it to make it approps for public. Here are my tips:

1) Make sure your slip dress is OPAQUE. Y'all...don't be out running around in a see-through slip. We're classy broads. Never forget.

2) Make sure your slip dress is an appropriate length. By that, I mean make sure you have enough length between your bum and the hem so that if you bend over, a brisk wind comes by, or if you're getting in and out of your car, your rear end isn't hanging out.

**Okay, let's pause. I know the above two tips seem a little motherly and conservative, but you have to remember, you're wearing a silk or satin nightie in public. It's a game of balance and we're trying to make it look like it was intended for outside of your home. TRUST.

3) Amp it up with outerwear! Whether it be a cardigan, leather jacket or coat, outerwear always makes an outfit look thought out and well put together.

4) Accessorize! Summer heat got you wanting to rock a slip dress as-is? Go for it, but make sure you're adding the right accessories. Use a belt to create a waist, layer up necklaces, or drape a light-weight scarf.

Below I've attached photos of how I styled my slip dress (straight from the lingerie section at Target), as well as added a few clickable links for you to get this full look with similar products. Love this idea? Plan to try it out for yourself? Already given it a shot? Let me know in the comments below!


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