Thursday, November 10, 2016

Flirty Shoulders & Celebrating Singleness

I did a thing recently. And to be honest with you I've been a little embarrassed about it. This last week I was featured on the recently launched Bachelorettes of Nashville Instagram page as their first official bachelorette. The process of being chosen starts with being nominated or nominating yourself and giving a little spiel about who you are and what you do yada yada. A few friends and I had been curious about signing up but I was hesitant. Would this seem desperate? Do I really want the whole world (okay, maybe that's a little dramatic) knowing just how single I am?

And then someone nominated me without my knowing. (I'm looking at YOU, roommate.) So I scratched my head and shrugged my shoulders and said what the heck. Might be a cool experience. They might not even pick me!

...But they did. And here we are. I cannot explain to you the anxiety I felt the day they were scheduled to do my feature. Would the picture be a good one? Would I look ridiculous? Which parts of my interview would they include? What if I come off as a bimbo? Would this make me look less desirable to the men of Nashville? No really, these were thoughts I had. I feel like sometimes it's more socially acceptable for men to be single and proud of it. For women it's different. For women it's "Why are you single?" "Don't you want to get married?" "When I was your age I was having my first child." "The clock is ticking."

You people have really got to stop that.

You see, I don't WANT to be single. But I am. And that's okay (hear that Family?) It's okay to be single. I'm working on ME. It's okay to be single. I'm learning patience. It's okay to be single. I'm not settling for guys that won't love me the way I deserve to be loved. It's okay to be single, GOD IS IN CONTROL.

So you know what? I'm a bachelorette of Nashville. I'm a single girl who works hard but loves even harder and I will celebrate this time of singleness until the RIGHT person comes into my life. Ladies, don't let society bully you out of owning the season of life that you're in. Because you're right where you need to be.


The look I chose for my Bachelorettes of Nashville shoot consisted of my fave Spanx faux leather leggings, off the shoulder top from Muse Nashville, Elaine Turner wedges and fun multi hoop earrings.

Pro Tip: As a petite, sometimes tops swallow me length-wise. A simple front tuck helps elongate your figure. Also, with off the shoulder tops, don't be afraid to show a little bra strap. I think sometimes it adds a little edge to an outfit.

Photo Cred: Garrett Neimer

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