Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Same Darling, Different Downtown

Bare with me babes, I'm a bit rusty. After a long hiatus, I am THRILLED to be back in blog world. But I have a disclaimer: "Change is coming."

Or rather, has arrived. But don't be alarmed! This is good. This is really good. Readers, as most of you know, I made a move in June away from my hometown to the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee. Since my last post, so much has happened! So much, in fact, that it's safe to say I've officially become one with Music City.

The transition from small-town life to metro living has been overwhelmingly smooth. Some days I wake up and pinch myself. Is this really what my life looks like now? You see, I came to Nashville with a dream. I desired a change, a fresh start, an opportunity to be who I really wanted to be. I leapt and I got it. I found it all in Nashville.

Look, this isn't intended to be a #humblebrag, not even close. This is a genuine wonderment at the blessings I've received and a testament to truly living. I think if you have a deep desire to go somewhere, to be someone, to achieve something then you should! Do it. Go now. Each day is a precious gift and our greatest regrets should never be "I didn't get to do _______." Faith and courage and perseverance are always rewarded, if not with successes, with strength.

It seems only fitting that as my world has changed, so should The Darling Downtown. I'm no longer a small-town girl but a woman in the city. Downtown is no longer a quaint four block radius, but a loud and bustling honky-tonk city center. I'm still me, but I'm MORE me, and I want to share this ride with you. So here's to Nashville. Here's to all it has given me so far. Here's to embracing this new and beautiful life and sharing its unique heartbeat with the world. Are you ready? Same Darling, Different Downtown.

And the fun begins...

Pulling from Nashville's country roots, this Western inspired look is incredibly fun! A draped fringe jacket over a graphic tank is just what I need to feel like Music City's next superstar. Paired with distressed skinnies, an edgy bootie, and a pop of color crossbody, this look easily goes for day OR night out.

But what do YOU think? I want to hear from you! Love the look? Let me know! Want to share an exciting adventure of your own? Tell YOUR story? Fill up those comments babes! And remember, as always, wear what you love, but LOVE who you are!



Details: Tank, Jacket, Booties, Bag, Necklace care of Muse Boutique ; Jeans by American Eagle

Photo Credit: Kate Davis Photography

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