Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Of Dreamers and Dreamcatchers

I understand now, why dreamers come to Nashville.

This city is thriving. Literally EVERY industry is growing, from the music scene (obviously) to fashion and film, to business and medical. Around 1,500 people move here every month which really isn't a surprising statistic to me. In fact, several people from my own hometown have put down roots in Music City in the last year. It seems like the "cool" place to be now, but it truly is so much more than that.

Six months ago I too left home with a dream...and not much else. I knew that I wanted to change my path, to break into the fashion industry and begin my trek to make a name for myself in a creative field with a job that I enjoyed. I had interviewed a couple of times prior to my move, but truly came to Nashville with no concrete plan. Without structure or connections I had only one option and that was to get to know this place on a personal level. I knew I had to get out in the community, meet people, and begin developing relationships.

And I must say, this city welcomed me with open arms. In these last six months I have yet to meet anyone who didn't want to help me in some way. In any way actually. From fellow bloggers to coworkers and even new mutual friends and acquaintances, there's so much community here. I think there's a sense of comradery among Nashvillians because everyone's been at the bottom at some point. So many self-made people here, and most know what it's like to have to work hard in order to succeed. That's why this place is becoming the ultimate destination. Big city opportunities with small-town Southern hospitality.

I (like everyone else) watched in awe as Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton killed it on the CMAs last week. A mega-star performing with a somewhat unknown artist, atleast by mainstream music fans. Although their performance was awe-inspiring, their relationship behind the scenes is what really reflects my love for Nashville. Stapleton, a hardworking and humble songwriter, brought to the world's attention by Timberlake's willingness to collaborate and share his star-power. By society's standards is Stapleton celeb material? Maybe not. However, through building relationships and constant hard work, he's reached his goal. He's finally made it and that's beautiful to me.

I am so grateful for the connections I've made here so far and I want to give you an important take away. We need each other. We need human interaction and positive relationships. Most importantly though, we must remember to never be too proud to ask for help and never be too good to give it.

Today's look is a marriage of utilitarian and boho. Just like life in Nashville, an outfit with a bit of structure and a dash of dreaminess is exactly what you need. For this styling I paired a simple heathered t-shirt dress with an olive utilitarian jacket complete with faux leather sleeves. A sleek riding boot, contrasting socks and a lovely dreamcatcher necklace were just the right additions to complete a casual yet edgy feel.

What do you think, loves? Like the look? Let me know! Had your own uplifting human interactions? I would love for you to share them! Need someone to share your own dreams with, or brain pick, or solicit advice? I would be overjoyed to be that person for you, just drop your needs in the comments below! But that's all for now readers.

Wear what you love, but LOVE who you are!



Jacket, Dress, Necklace provided by Muse Boutique ; Boots by Sam Edelman

Photo Credit: Kate Davis Photo

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