Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Holiday 2015: Pop Of Color Lover

We are officially on a roll here people! Holiday 2015 train has left the station and we are full steam ahead! Today's post brings you TWO looks and a Gift Guide tailored to the Lover of the Pop, as in "pop of color."

I remember my mother being the first person to ever bring up the idea of the "pop of color" to me. I was in my early teens and my fashion sense was...well...still in the development process. What Not To Wear was a brand new show and my mom was hooked, often referring to Stacy London's many tips and tricks. Most popular, however: "You should add a little pop of color." "Don't you want a little pop of color with that?" "I think what you're missing is a pop of color!" Needless to say, I eventually came to appreciate and, in my humble opinion, master the pop.

It's simple really: take some neutrals, put them together, then add an item, one item of any NON-neutral color. Voila! Pop!

Our first look employs the method of a good colored shoe to add your pop. I took a black and white striped Dee Elle swing dress and black leather jacket then tossed in a rich royal blue T-strap Pump. This is one of my favorite looks I've put together so far.

Look two brings you the FLUFFIEST AND SOFTEST SWEATER EVER. Sorry, but I was that excited about it. As a petite gal I use the trick of sizing up in over sized tops and making them into dresses. This over sized POL sweater worked wonderfully for that! A colored handbag is another super easy way to get that "pop of color" in there. I went with a non-traditional deep green which is gorgeous for the holiday season.

Photo Credit: Kate Davis Photo | Look 1: Dress, Jacket, Necklace care of Muse Boutique | Look 1: Shoes by JustFab | Look 2: Sweater, Bag care of Muse Boutique | Look 2: Boots by Kenneth Cole

Have a gal in your life that lives by the "pop of color" rule? I've put together a little gift guide to help you get her exactly what she wants to feed her obsession! Remember, accessories are the easiest way to create that pop effect.

Pictured Above: Handbag $33 | Earrings $25 | Ring $27 | Pumps $30 | Scarf $67 | Purse Charm $19 | Hat $11 | Phone Case $40

But what do YOU think? Have you used the color pop technique? What's your favorite way to style it? Let me know in the comments! And as always, wear what you love, but LOVE who you are!



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