Sunday, January 31, 2016

9 to 5

Happy Sunday, Readers! 

I do adore this day. A day to relax and reflect on the previous 7 days. A day to look forward to and plan for the next 7. Since taking over management at Muse, I've come to appreciate Sundays. Retail is a 7-day a week job and I'm lucky to have a (fairly) consistent day off in Sunday. With so much of my week devoted to organizing and operating on top of selling and creating, I find a deep breath in this sacred day of rest. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but I love a free day off as well. It's true what they say, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." So today we'll play. I'll meet Stuart and we'll try out a new restaurant. We'll explore parts of this city we love that we haven't seen yet. We may take in a movie, and then we'll head home and kick off our shoes and enjoy some quiet togetherness. And I think that's just the way it should be.

On the flipside (which is actually where we're heading today, see you soon 12 South), I'm sharing a look that's PERFECT for a 9 to 5 day! Do business and mean business heading to work in this style. Layering is one of my favorite muscles to flex when putting outfits together. A seemingly basic shift takes on new form when paired with a fun patterned top like this gingham I found. Don't stop there though. Spice up drab tights by picking a cool pattern like this diamond pair, and with neutral colors don't be afraid to employ that "pop of color" that I love. I've gotten so much love for these blue shoes on Instagram that I've made sure to provide a link to the exact ones HERE. To finish off my boss lady look I went with a cool two-toned structured Kate Spade bag.

But what do YOU think babes? Love it or leave it? How are YOU spending this glorious Sunday? Let me know in the comments! And remember, wear what you love, but LOVE who you are!

Photos by Kate Davis Photo
Dress care of Muse Boutique

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